An update text to Nati and Caiti

“Oh wow, I missed all of that – I was tracking my parents as they travelled back to Brazil with cancelled flights and three extra layovers, 48h of traveling.

Nati, this is so exciting! I am just so happy for this lucky guy, I hope he has a glimpse of how blessed he is to have your affections.

Caiti, I simply cannot wait to meet Haddie. I’ll be praying with you guys for sure!

This time with my parents here was a huge blessing. Our families blend in so effortlessly! Even with language barriers. The Lord is really kinder and sweeter than I could have ever imagined by placing me in such a family. I feel so at home, and am able to be myself so easily around everyone in Corey’s family. Big update: we’re legally married. Haha! We signed the papers on the 23rd, so now we can start the painfully complicated and long process of my change of status – for a green card. Please pray for that, it is really scary and big and full of little details. So now we are BETROTHED much like Joseph and Mary – not yet married, but at a point of no turning back! ☺️ It’s a bit surreal to KNOW Corey’s the one, I am so so lucky.

So sorry for this book of a text, friends. I love you both so dearly and I’m so thankful that we’re in each other’s lives even from afar.”

Every time Corey and I part ways I get the urge to write him. To reiterate that I love him so. It always feels as if I didn’t express it enough when we were in person. Truth is I never really feel I express it enough. I’m so in love with that boy, he really doesn’t even know how much.

September 3rd thoughts:

◦ This job is hard

◦ Unspoken pressure

◦ Self-given pressure

◦ Family away for everything wedding


◦ Plan a wedding! But you’re not engaged!

◦ Plan your immigration! But you’re not engaged!

◦ Get married to stay in the country, lose your job!

◦ Get married but postpone being married just so you don’t lose your job and your family can be here for the pre wedding period.

◦ Get legally married and tell your superiors, who will NOT understand, will want to give their 2 cents into your life decisions, and lose your job!

◦ Be out and about introducing yourself to people, otherwise you’re not doing your job!

◦ Do not spend time with your boyfriend, otherwise you’re a way worse DC than the other two who are single.

◦ Don’t stay in your room and cry, you’re supposed to be out there doing your job. Clock out!

◦ You love your job! The beginning is probably the worst part of it. Do you even want to keep it? Don’t get married then.

◦ Don’t talk to Corey, it’s no big deal.

◦ Don’t talk to Corey, he gets bombarded with your drama every time as it is.

◦ I’m just tired.